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NEW YORK EXPOSURE is proud to announce a partnership with YAG “Your Art Gallery” and Duggal Visual Solutions for our e-commerce platform, offering a wide variety & state of the art high quality printing.

Your Art Gallery is the first online gallery of its kind, opening the door for every photographer to monetize their passion as well as exploring a unique way to make their art more visible worldwide.

New York-based photographer Philippe Bouclainville dedicates his free time capturing fund raising event for non-profit organisation, such as Reading Partners and various charter schools in New York City.

New York Exposure donates fine art photography to non-profits organizations charity events to raise funds for education in New York and to worldwide health & humanitarian organizations.

New York Exposure is giving back to The Ahlzeimer Foundation, The Doctors without Borders and Reading Partners Association

New York Exposure For-Profit

Philippe Bouclainville is a free lance photographer for  luxury brands to captures images of their products for advertising, branding and social media purposes.

New York Exposure provides personalized fine-art photography services for real estate corporation and interior designers. 

Philippe Bouclainville pursuits his passion in portraiture by bringing together moments of happiness in people and families' lives and delivering unforgettable photography memories.